Tours Moray Salt (Zip Line) 9am - 1pm Tours Moray Salt (Zip Line) 9am - 1pm -

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Address: Urb. Santa Teresa B-25, Wanchaq, Cusco – PERÚ

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Tours Moray Salt (Zipline): Option A different adventure highly recommended for thrill seekers and nature.

We leave with a lot of adrenaline to our adventure tours to the picturesque town of Maras, multicolored whim of nature, houses the mines most important salt of the region being exploited since Inca times and the colonial period, which was the first producer of salt center the southern part of the mountain. Moray is a formidable archaeological complex systems composed admirable terraces, enormous terraces that overlap concentrically, taking the form of a giant amphitheater. These beautiful terraces formed a large agricultural laboratory, in which the ancient Peruvians experimented and obtained improvements. Incredible progress was made in agriculture, which constituted their main work activity and the basis of economic development. The great and daring design of its Inca constructions had no limits to the ancient Peruvians. Throughout the length and breadth of the world, men generally made constructions from the ground up. In Moray they worked down, removing extraordinary amounts of rock and stones, and employing thousands of workers for generations to shape various groupings of platforms in almost perfect circular shape. His perfection was such that even today works flawlessly.


Tours Moray Salt (Zip Line) 9am – 1pm

We pick the hotel and board a private transportation 40 minutes to the small town of Collanas go through the rustic village of Cruz Pata and ascend to the Holy hill with beautiful scenery starting point Related Site.

The guide will provide a brief explanation of the use of insurance and Zip Line and safety equipment may be placed in harness and safety helmet.

We started with the adventure and slide down the ropes for 5 minutes 2 kilometers until you reach the other end to finish our transport is waiting at the other end and returning to Cusco approx. 1pm

It included in Moray Salt Tours (Zip Line) 9am – 1pm:

  • Private transportation round trip
  • Professional guide
  • Safety equipment (helmet, gloves, harness, high speed Trolley, wind glasses.

Not included in the Moray Salt Tours (Zip Line) 9am – 1pm:

  • Feeding
  • tips for tours

Recommendations for Moray Salt Tours (Zip Line):

  • Warm clothing
  • Sunglasses for tours
  • Windbreakers
  • Water bottle for adventure tours
  • Snack
  • Digital camera for adventure tours


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